After a hard day at work, the bathroom should be a place where you can undwind as opposed to a further contributor to stress! Learn how to make your bathroom an oasis.


Create a wellness oasis in your bathroom

Everyday life can be very stressful but setting aside some time for a little personal pampering can make sure it doesn’t get the better of you. Before you think about forking out for pricey spa treatments, here are some tips to create your very own relaxation room at home. You’ve earned it.


Clear the clutter

In the same way that it’s hard to cook in a cluttered kitchen, it’s hard to relax in a messy bathroom. Try to clear away any damp towels or bottles of shampoo and shower gel that are sitting around when they could be in a cupboard.

If you’re struggling on storage space, you may want to consider investing in some chic units that keep everything clear without jeopardizing your bathroom’s style. Wall-hung mirror units or units built into the wall itself always work well for this.


A gleaming clean

There’s nothing quite like a sparkling bathroom to boost your mood before you unwind. Let Harpic give you a helping hand with our advanced cleaners. Using the right product will cut cleaning time in half, giving you the time you need to relax.


Make the time

A great way of putting tasks out of your mind is by writing a to-do list - once they’re all committed to paper you can schedule in a good relaxation session in the bathroom to rebalance. Try to give yourself this special time regularly as part of a routine to keep the stress at bay.


Dim the lights

Lighting is one of the best ways to create a relaxing environment. Try lighting some candles while you enjoy a nice soak in the tub. If you’ve got those bright strip lights in your bathroom, you may even want to invest in some wall scones or uplighters – they’ll bring a much more modern glow to your bathroom.


The power of scent

Certain scents can make you feel instantly more relaxed. Try introducing some scented candles or fragrance sticks to your bathroom to add to the ambiance. An aromatherapy burner also makes a welcome addition. Inhaling the vapour from lavender essential oil is said to calm and slow the nervous system, balancing the mind and body.


Music magic

Music not only relaxes you, it can be a great way to stop household sounds from interrupting you in your wellness oasis. Make sure you use a shower-proof music player and pick your favourite soothing songs to help you unwind.


Herbal healing

Nothing beats a steaming hot bath. It stimulates blood circulation and calms the nerves. You can buy some excellent herbal bath blends from many high street health stores. Try lavender and chamomile to make your hot bath even more relaxing or perhaps some milk thistle and rosemary if you think your skin could do with a little detox.

You can also get bath salts that mix the elements of aromatherapy with the therapeutic benefits of mud or red clay. Do a bit of research and experiment a little until you find your perfect blend.

So there you have it, every bit of advice you could ever need to transfer your bathroom into a place of relaxation. Now what are you waiting for: start running the perfect bath!