Toilets are one of those undeniable necessities of life. We all need one. Most of us have one – or more – and we want to keep them clean but sometimes you just have to see the funny side of these strange bowls. Here are 10 quirky facts about toilets to keep you chuckling as you tackle the bacteria and limescale


1. Accidents happen

Over 40,000 of our neighbours in the US manage to hurt themselves in the bathroom every year. Who knew the toilet was so treacherous?! King George II even died falling off one in 1760!


2. Time-sink

People in the UK – on average – visit the bathroom between six and eight times every day. That’s about 2500 times every year. Add it all together and we could spend as much as three years of our lives visiting the loo. Nature calls indeed.


3. Serious sheets

It’s rumoured that toilet paper was first invented by the Chinese in the 6th century. Each sheet was two feet by three feet. Imagine trying to get an 8-pack of that stuff in the cupboard under the stairs!


4. Room for disagreement

Could talking about annoying bathroom habits help ease tension in your home? A study from Blanx White Toothpaste found that 70 per cent of people in the UK argue with their partner about the bathroom. Respondents also said this was more frequent than arguments about the family or money. The average British family argues about the bathroom for more than four hours every year!


5. Away from home

A public toilet can play host to over 40000 germs at any given time. Whoever looks after them needs to get hold of some Harpic!


6. A lavatory learning curve

Who has kids out there? Apparently you will change a baby’s nappy up to 10,000 times before they can use the bathroom by themselves. Hardest job in the world.


7. Different strokes for different folks

In the US, over $100,000 was spent funding a study with one objective: to see whether most people arranged their toilet roll flap at the front or at the back of the holder. In case you were wondering, only one of four people has the flap at the back...


8. Toilet tuner

Forget singing in the shower, the toilet could be your best bathroom backing band. Apparently most toilets flush in the key of E flat!


9. Toilet chat

A study by the charity Tearfund found that over 8 million people in the UK say that they use their mobiles while in the bathroom. The digital age is coming on leaps and bounds! Over in the US, more than 7 million people admit that they have dropped their handset into the toilet bowl. That’s normal compared to some of the other things that manage to find their way in: glasses, underwear, toothbrushes, toys, goldfish, false teeth and even hamsters!


10. Learning loos

In South Korea, there is an entire theme park and museum dedicated to the humble toilet. Well, after this top 10 we can see how they’re a lot more interesting than they seem!