Step By Step Guide On How to Clean a Toilet Properly


Cleaning a toilet is an unappealing but inevitable chore if you want to keep your bathroom looking its best and keep bacteria from building up inside the toilet bowl.  

It takes more time and effort than washing toilet using a toilet bowl cleaner, stirring with a brush, and spraying the bathroom cleaner trigger to get the porcelain sanitized and sparkling.

On the other hand, regular cleaning is imperative for toilets, as even those that may "appear" clean can still harbor bacteria. 

So, what’s the most effective way to clean a toilet and maintain cleanliness and hygiene? Well, we’ve got all the information you need in the form of a simple how to clean a toilet guide! Read on.

Why cleaning a toilet is important?

Ensuring clean, disinfected, and sanitized toilets are essential for creating a wellness oasis in your bathroom, promoting the overall well-being of individuals, especially children. 

In addition, it creates a healthy living environment and safeguards natural resources such as surface water, groundwater, and soil. 

Finally, a well-cleaned toilet fosters a sense of safety, security, and dignity for individuals when engaging in essential restroom activities such as defecating or urinating.

Here are 10 quirky facts about toilets to keep you chuckling as we proceed toward seeing how to deep clean a toilet.

Toilet cleaning supplies

Toilet brush

The first weapon in your “how to clean your toilet” arsenal should be a toilet brush that allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas and efficiently tackles visible grime. For the best toilet bowl clean results, use a brush with bristles and an overall shape in perfect condition, and replace the brush every six months. 

Toilet bowl cleaner

Being responsible for the majority of the work so, select a reliable product like Harpic active fresh toilet liquid that effectively targets below the waterline, ensuring maximum removal of limescale, stains, and bacteria while providing long-lasting freshness for hours.


Equipe yourself with a bucket with at least a half-gallon of water inside. We’ll need this bucket to ensure the disinfectants and toilet bowl liquid cleaner works without diluting.   

Surface disinfectant

Don't neglect the exterior of your toilet! First, regularly clean toilet seat, tank, and flushing handle. After using the toilet brush, disinfect the toilet using a reliable bathroom disinfectant cleaner such as Harpic bathroom cleaner, which helps remove the toughest stains, removes 99% of germs, and guarantees a pleasant fresh fragrance.

Step by step guide: how to clean your toilet

1. Prepare the cleaning area

Before cleaning a toilet, remove everything from around your toilet to avoid having to clean any mess or spills. Also, ensure nothing is on top of the tank that could accidentally fall into the bowl while cleaning.

2. Flush and add toilet cleaner

Put the toilet bowl lid down and flush the toilet to prevent splashing or spraying. Next, add Harpic power plus original, which removes bacteria, limescale, rust, and stains and offers a refreshing fragrance, to the toilet bowl near the rim to prevent dilution.

3. Clean the toilet exterior

Once the cleansing solution has soaked and flushed away, use a strong bathroom cleaner trigger - with having thick liquid formula and powerful cleaning agents to remove stains and germs on the toilet exterior.

Begin by spraying and wiping the top surfaces first to avoid dripping. Next, clean the tank, handle, and edges, followed by the outside lid. Lastly, wipe the sides and front of the bowl before cleaning the bottom edges where it meets the floor.

4. Clean the toilet seat

A clean toilet seat is paramount to cleaning because it comes into contact with people. So first, lift the seat, and spray the bathroom cleaner trigger on the seat (inside the lid and rim of the toilet). 

Next, wipe down the lid, seat, and hinges at the back of the toilet seat. Lastly, use a damp cloth to wipe the entire seat and remove leftover chemicals.

5. Clean the inside of the toilet bowl

It's time to start scrubbing the inside of the toilet bowl from the top down, concentrating on the area under the rim to remove stains, limescale, and rust. 

Use a toilet brush to scrub the entire bowl, including the drain hole at the bottom. Remember to flush the toilet with the lid down.

6. Clean up the surrounding area

Finally, wipe away any cleanser or water drips, tidy up the area by storing tools and disposing of trash, and return any items previously removed to their original places around the toilet.

Tips for maintaining a clean toilet

  • Spray the seat and lid with a disinfectant (bathroom cleaner trigger) every other day (or daily), then rinse after a few minutes. Leave the seat up to air dry.
  • For an effortless clean in the morning, leave the toilet cleaner in the bowl overnight.
  • After showering, splash the exteriors with warm water to help dissolve and prevent dirt from hardening.
  • Sanitize the bowl exteriors and tank by wiping them with a vinegar-soaked rag. Rinse off after a few minutes.


How often should I clean my toilet?

It is suggested to clean your toilet at least once a week to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

How long should I leave the toilet cleaner in the bowl?

Although it depends on the product's instructions, the best and most reliable toilet cleaners require at least 10 minutes for optimal cleaning performance. 

Should I clean the toilet brush after each use?

Yes, cleaning the toilet brush after each use is important to prevent the spread of bacteria.